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Habla con tu compañero(a) o pareja (Talk to your partner)


heritage language

heritage language classes

heritage language education

heritage language program(s)

  • A language program for heritage language speakers that aims to broaden the linguistic repertoire of these students. Heritage language programs may be offered by community-based institutions (such as Chinese programs at Saturday schools or Korean programs at church) or by public schools (such as a world language for these students). The most common heritage language programs offered in public schools are Spanish for Spanish speakers or Spanish for Native Speakers (SNS) programs. We also find programs that promote Native American languages or other less commonly taught languages. English Language Learners at School, second edition by Else Hamayan and Rebecca Field

heritage language speaker(s)

  • A student who speaks a language other than English (their heritage language) at home. Heritage language speakers, as a collective, have a wide range of expertise in their heritage language. Some heritage language speakers may be able to speak, understand, read, and write for a wide range of purposes, while others may only be able to understand their heritage language when they are spoken to by a family or community member about a familiar topic. English Language Learners at School, second edition by Else Hamayan and Rebecca Field

heteroglossic perspective

high-stakes tests

highly embedded professional development (PD)

holistic bilingualism

holistic biliteracy framework

holistic scoring

holistic view of bilingualism

home culture

home language(s)

  • A language other than English used in the home of a young child or student. Although this is often the first language learned by the child, it can sometimes be introduced by an influential person in the child’s life who speaks the language in the home. See also Native language. Young Dual Language Learners by Karen N. Nemeth

home language instruction

horizontal coherence