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Welcome to the Caslon Language Education Wikimedia

As the field of teaching English learners (ELs) expands and evolves, more teachers, administrators, and professional development providers are committed to serving this growing population. While this focus has created benefits for districts and schools, it has also led to a myriad of labels, acronyms, and designations that are often confusing, and sometimes controversial.

To help users understand this terminology, Caslon has created this Language Wikimedia. It is a glossary of common terms, as defined by our authors, and the definitions may vary slightly or significantly.

Our hope is that the Wikimedia will give readers a framework to make sense of ongoing terminology discussions and the background to make informed choices about their preferred usage. As the Wikimedia itself continues to grow there will be the opportunity for readers to comment and start discussions around the definitions and usage so that our understanding of this terminology evolves and allows us to best serve ELs.

Caslon Language Education Index

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